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September Therapy Newsletter Quiz

True or False - Seeing a Physical Therapist First within 14 Days of the Onset of Back Pain can Save You 50% or more on Treatment Costs. *

True or False - For a New Episode of Lower Back Pain, Getting an MRI with the First Six Weeks is Highly Recommended *

True or False - Patients with a New Episode of Lower Back Pain Should Stay in Bed for 7 Days or More. *

True or False - The Amount of Pain You Have is Related to How Bad Your Lower Back is Injured. *

True or False - Neck Pain Responds Well to Physical Therapist Directed Treatment *

True or False - Neck Pain Can Be the Result of Prolonged Sitting Posture at a Computer *

True or False - the Faster You See a Physical Therapist, the Lower the Chance You will Need Additional Medical Care & Treatment *

True or False - a Cervicogenic Headache is a Headache that Comes from the Neck *

True or False - Specific Exercises are Helpful for Chronic Neck Pain and Cervicogenic Headaches. *

Regarding acute lower back pain treatment and according to the Choosing Wisely reference above, imaging tests can also lead to surgery and other treatments that you do not need. In one study, people who had an MRI were much more likely to have surgery than people who did not have an MRI. The surgery did not help them get better any faster. *

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